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We pride ourselves on providing a personal, intimate service that you won't find in an oversized, corporate hosting environment. Over the last few years, we've built up quite a reputation and our thrilled, happy clients just love to rave about us.

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Client Testimonials

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Amy Khar
I can definitely vouch for MyBBWebHost's level of service. They are the reason I converted to MyBB and they have worked their butts off helping me get things moved from the old server, converted, and running. (Source)

Peter Viertmann
Its almost two years now since I arranged hosting for our organisation 'Hope Australia' with MyBBWebHost. Our experience with MyBBWebHost over this time has been extremely positive. Leon has been very quick to respond to our support requests and resolved all issues promptly and courteously. He has also been more than helpful in answering any questions that we have had relating to our hosting. In the two years we have also had very few instances of disruption to our service. I have no hesitation recommending the MyBBWebHost service to anyone seeking a high quality web hosting service. (Source)

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Chris Rudnicki
I've been 100% satisfied since I've been with them. Awesome host (so much that I prefer to pay the extra little bit per month rather than a yearly term) all around. Been with them for several months now, no downtime, fast, hosting several of my sites without issue. Highly recommended to anyone in the market for a new web host. (Source)

Daniel Robbins
I have to give these guys props for giving the best, most in depth, personal support that I have experienced. I switched my hosting to them and they transferred my forum for free and helped me solve several issues that were my fault basically. They gave unrelenting support for over a week until the problem was fixed. I highly recommend them. You won't get any generic pre-scripted lame technical support responses from them. They know what they are doing and and they do it with a personal touch. If you are trying to choose a hosting company you have to at least consider them. MyBBWebHost rocks! (Source)

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Michael Butt
For many months and many hours I was frustrated with our old host with max users connection errors. I ran the chat after switching to MyBBWebHost for a few weeks to see how it was and we had the best chat run ever. I have recently moved the forum over and we also have a decent Gallery and gift shop. Since me moved we have been error free. Server is faster, everything runs fantastic and the support is amazing, I cannot recommend MyBBWebHost for hosting enough. So if you are thinking of changing host give them a try sure you will be well pleased with service, only wished we moved to them many months ago. (Source)

David Durst
On my old host, I was on one of those unlimited hosting plans. Needless to say, the service was horrible! After reading through the MyBB Community Forums, I decided to give MyBBWebHost a shot. I have nothing but praise for how my forums run and the accessibility of contacting someone for help on an issue I had. I would gladly point others to this site for hosting if asked.

Cz├ęczi Ervin
I'm also glad to hear that MyBBWebhost celebrated their birthday because I'm one of their first users, I've been using them for nearly a year without any problem. My sites are always online and they are willing to help me out with any kind of problem, no matter if is small problem, or a DDoS attack. In fact I never had any problems because of the host and that's why I have decided to host both of my sites with MyBBWebhost. (Source)

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